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Communications and Marketing


-to connect (link, join, transfer)
-to converse (speak, correspond, write)
- to convey (share, relate, publicize)

-to promote (sell, advertise, showcase)

No matter what it takes- keep your chapter and your state in the loop!

The Newscaster -Pass Word 4 Line 6
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Survey of Published Authors Form

in Word as PDF



Update Your Information for International



Guide to Publications


Revised Standards for Websites 9 28.14

Compliance Examples

Chapter Yearbook Guide as pdf

Looking for Graphics on International Web site -> click here
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-------Right click on any graphic link (jpg version is suggested), choose save, and then insert from the saved location into your document.

A Communication Idea for your Chapter
         Using the Internet for your Chapter Newsletter

Information on how to write chapter news for the media
          Inverted Pyramid Writing Style

Information on how to include graphics in your newsletters


Link to Link

Get Connected 



Making a Brochure using Microsoft Word

Sample Chapter Brochure





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