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The Delta Kappa Gamma Zeta State Pi Chapter was organized May 21, 1955 by Miss Ruth Boyd. The Charter members include: Eva Grace Barnes, Lacie Lee Berry, Inez Crain, Lurline Hamilton, Cleo Jackson, Mrs. Dan Keel, Irene Laird, Aline Neal, Lorye Rogers, Mildred Thrailkill, Virginia Webb, Norma Wittington.

More history of Pi Chapter Zeta State is coming!

The chapter meets five times a year. The primary meeting location for the 2014-2015 year is The Bass Pro Shop in Pearl, Mississippi.

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New Member Information:

Inductees - April 2022 

Inductees - May/September 2020 through Zoom (Chantelle Herchenhahn, Dr. Lisa Karmacharya, Renna Moore, Lara Robinson, Stacey Turgeon)

Inductees - May 2019 (Jamilliah Longino, Jennifer Loshelder, Kelsey Nobles, Carol Palmer)

Initiate - 2018-19:

Stephani Cranford

Initiate - 2017-18:

Stacey Dodd



Initiates - 2016-17:

Sandra Anderson, Trecina Green, Cindy Christian, Susan Davis, and Allie Walters


Initiates - 2015-16: 

Stephanie Garland, Becka Ingram, Leah Ivey, Amanda Stocks, Toni Stubbs, Lavonda White, and Louise Wynn


Name: Pi Chapter Zeta State

Date Organized: May 21, 1955

Organization Age: 65

Birthday: May 21st

Status: Active

Serving: Rankin, Scott, & Simpson Counties

White Elephant Sale: December Meeting

Silent Auction: December Meeting

Grant-in-aid 2022Recipient - 

Project: Project SEE

Red Rose Recipient 2022: 

Hostess List:

September 24, 2022- Linda Hollingsworth*, Dr. Betsy Sullivan, Susan Davis, Dixie Vance, Chantelle Herchenhahn
October 29, 2022 - Donna Harris*, Dr. Gail Hammond, Jana Comer, Stephanie Cranford, Cindy Christian
December 3, 2022 - Tammie Brewer*, Lynn Holliday, Dr. Marlynn Martin, Dr. Lee Pambianchi, Dr. Edye Coleman-Hambleton
January 22, 2023 - Kelsey Williams*, Stacy Dodd, Dr. Lauren Musto, Renna Moore-Edwards, Beverly McWilliams
April 1, 2023
 - Dr. Jamilliah Longino*, Fonda Dickinson, Becky Baker, Lori Shelton, Lara Robinson

Committee List:

Chapter Rules: Tammie Brewer (Chair), Dr. Gail Hammond Parliamentarian, Bonnie Peagler, Kimberly Watson
Finance Committee: Fonda Dickinson (Chair), Dixie Vance, Jo Stanford - Consultant
Leadership Development: Dr. Betsy Sullivan (Chair), Linda Hollingsworth, Kelsey Williams, Allie Walters
Membership: Dr. Trecina Green (Chair), Dr. Jamilliah Longino, Hollie Davis, Trish Wood
Nominations: Bonnie Peagler (Scott), Linda Finley (Rankin), Fonda Dickinson (Simpson)
Communications: Jo Ann Gatewood (Chair), Social Media Representative - Beth McKay, Website Editor - Dr. Hilda White, Website Assistant Editor - Kimberly Watson, Yearbook Editor - Beth McKay, Pi Notes Editor - JoAnn Gatewood, Sunshine - Judith Gatewood
Educational Excellence, Chair: Dr. Marlynn Martin
Legislative Representative: Stacey Turgeon (Chair), Jennifer Loshelder, Dr. Lee Pambianchi, Beverly McWilliams
Music Representative: Dr. Marlynn Martin (Chair), Joni Alumbaugh, Stephani Cranford, Linda Hollingsworth
Personal Growth and Services Representative: Cheryl Saffle (Chair), Lori Shelton, Jo Stanford, Lara Robinson
Professional Affairs Representative: Joni Alumbaugh (Chair), Barbara Freeny, Cindy Christian, Dr. LaVonda White-Consultant
Research Representative: Toni Stubbs (Chair), Dr. Hilda White, Becky Baker, Dr. Edye Coleman-Hambleton
World Fellowship Representative: Dr. Hilda White (Chair), Donna Harris, Susan Davis
Ad Hoc Committee for SEE: Kelsey Williams (Chair), Kimberly Watson, Trish Wood, Jana Comer, Becka Ingram, Carol Palmer, Dr. Lauren Musto, Chris Wall - Consultant
Scholarship: Linda Hollingsworth (Chair), Linda Finley, Dr. Gail Hammond, Dr. Betsy Sullivan
Red Rose Award: Dr. LaVonda White(Rankin), Chantelle Herchenhahn (Scott), Stacy Dodd (Simpson)
Historian: Hollie Davis - Traditional, Renna Moore-Edwards - Digital
Luncheon & Hostesses: Debbie Wright (Chair) & Chris Wall (Refreshments)


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