DKG Illinois State Organization

State Treasurer


DKG-Illinois Reimbursement Voucher as pdf
Print, complete and mail to the State President


Letter to Chapter Treasurers, June, 2018 New Dues Process
Instructions for Chapter Treasurers Chapter Treasurer's Timeline and 990-N Instructions

(all PDF forms - right-click, save as, then open, complete and save again, then print or email as attachment)

Forms Available for Treasurers
on International Website:
  Forms Available for Treasurers
on DKG-Illinois Website:

Form 18

Form 18A

Initiate's Card

Reinstatement Card

Contribution Form #43


Form 15---- in PDF

Foundation Contribution Form for Individuals -in Word -- in pdf

DKG Fee Form--- in Word ---- in pdf

Illinois Contribution Form 43 ---in 97- 03 Word -- in pdf

International Projects
Malawi Form
Schools for Africa Form

Sample Voucher for Chapter Use ----in Word ----in pdf

last update July 28, 2019