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How to Offer Professional Development Opportunities:
A Guide for Lambda State Chapters

  1. Open and complete the form below: “Chapter Application for approved PD.”  Send it to Bev Johns
  2. After it is approved, Cheryl Cox will send you an email that includes necessary forms and explanations of how to use them. 
  • Attendance Sheet - completed ONLY by those wishing PD credit.  Remind participants in advance that they will need an IEIN. A copy of this sheet will be retained by the chapter for 6 years; a copy is sent back to the PD Coordinator (Cheryl Cox).
  • Evaluations - to be retained by the chapter for six years.  After the activity, create a summary of evaluations, using one of the evaluation forms. 
  • Evidence of Completion - to be distributed to each person who wishes to earn PD credit.  Distribute and collect a quick survey to teachers who wish to earn PD credit.  
  • Sample survey questions will be sent to you.  Tip: Use the completion of the Evaluation and the Survey as the last activity of the presentation.  As the teacher returns the survey and the evaluation (two separate, labeled stacks), give the teacher the Evidence of Completion.


Contact Bev Johns:

Cheryl Cox

Chapter Application for approved PD
Learning Forward Standards
IL Professional Teaching Standards

last updated October 9, 2017