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Educational Excellence Committee

Listen with integrity – Learn with intent – Lead with Inspiration

  Effective programs lead to engaged members.  Engaged members  lead to membership growth.
Membership growth leads to sustainable chapters. Sustainable Chapters lead to healthy state organizations.
Healthy state organizations lead to DKG fulfilling its mission:
Promoting professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

2022 Training for Chpater Leaders Presentation

Dear Chapter First Vice President and/or Educational Excellence Chair,

You are not alone in your responsibilities as you serve your chapter.
In fact, I encourage you to travel on this journey with a van full of help.
Here are some simple ideas for you to file in your program folder:
 *Invite input into program planning. Many chapters open their summer, planning executive board meetings to all members. 
*Survey your members and ask what topics they would like as programs.
*Start with your members. Ask what expertise they might offer for a program – travel?   hobby? craft? collection? classroom ideas? etc.
*Read the Newscaster.  Are other chapters presenting programs which might interest your members?

*Find out what “hot” topics in your community intrigue your members. 
Are their community members who can address those topics at chapter meetings?

*Take chapter field trips –visit museums, tour gardens or historical homes and sites, view art exhibits, attend concerts or the theater, etc.
*Have fun!  Plan game nights for laughter and comradery.
*Publish your programs in as many places as possible.  Create chapter Facebook group
*Fill your programs with sharing (builds relationships), ice breakers  (breaks down barriers), and conversation time (improves communication)

More Help:
Committee Member Barbara Raheb shared excellent topics for balanced program planning:

1. Professional Growth (Professional Development Unit) professional (education) focus, issues in education, latest education legislation, teacher of the year, successful programs, new innovations, pandemic strategies, how to deal with too many demands

2. Community businesses, government

3. Global world/international

4. Personal Growth (growth in understanding various subjects, ourselves, our community offerings)self-care, retirement info, meditation, health, care takers, herbs and vitamins, perhaps a pharmacist, physician, or nurse, Covid policies & practices

5. Entertainment (we have often showcased area student performances: choir, madrigal) holiday performance—December

6. Chapter Business/Conversation (June is traditionally business focused: budget. Conversation. Sometimes we may wish to have time to visit among ourselves. Could be in conjunction with a short program.)

7. Highlight our own member(s) hobbies, talent, sharing of special life experiences, knowledge

8. Cultural, Historical

9. DKG Focus Grants. Session from Convention-video, live where possible. Foundation for Educational Studies Stipends for active and retired, individual or group, community or school. Play bingo since we have bingo DKG topic cards and some bingo prizes (Ice Cream Bingo Basket from the State Convention auction-winning bid)

10. Initiation for New Members--any month that work


the Educational Excellence Committee is only an email message away. 
Call for assistance!  We are here for you!


Spotlighting Beta Epsilon! 

            Chapter member Denise VanDaele presented a program titled “Do You Know Who Our ELL Students Are?  Time to Find out!" The chapter members thoroughly enjoyed the program and learned so much about these students and their education.  Denise answered two burning questions:  Who are these students and what are their cultural and educational differences.  She further addressed the roadblocks and barriers involved in teaching ELL students.  Most importantly, she presented steps chapter members could take to support these children, their families and their teachers. 


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Linda  Adcock

Beta Phi-2

Renata Butauskiene

Beta Phi-2

Carol Heck


Alfreida Jamison

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Barbara Raheb


Denise Van Daele

Beta Epsilon-5

Marcia Wahls

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Cheryl Cox
Professional Development

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Mary Wrobel
Music Chair

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Exec. Asst.


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President, ex Officio

Beta Alpha-1

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