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While Kathryn Brenton and Garnet Hill, both Marysville KS High School teachers, were attending a geography workshop in Hays in 1946, they met Miss Maude I. Gorham who suggested that a chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma should be organized in Marshall County. At that time, Miss Gorham was state organization chairman and she explained the objectives and work of the Society. It was learned that five members of other chapters were teaching in the area. These formed the nucleus of the new chapter.

Plans were made to organize the chapter at the Kansas state Delta Kappa Gamma convention held in Emporia on March 22, 1947. That afternoon, Miss Gorham assisted in the organization of Alpha Delta Chapter. Eleven members were initiated at that time and the following temporary officers were elected: President, Lucile Lukens; First Vice President, Kathryn Brenton; Second Vice President, Esther Vering; Secretary, Garnet Hill; Treasurer, Leona Kjellberg; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Elva Stewart; and Historian, Mildred Kirkwood.

One week later, on March 27, 1947, members met to complete the necessary chartering requirements, appoint standing committees, approve the temporary officers, and make plans for the first year's work. Three additional members were initiated at this time, bringing the total to fourteen charter members.

Kathryn Brenton*
Laura Geyer*
Luella Geyer*
Garnet Hill*
Leona Kjellberg*
Mildred Kirkwood*
Nina Kirkwood*
Lucile Lukens*

Esther Nattier*
Gyneth Pressnall*
Mrs. Elva Stewart*
Esther Vering*
Katherine Brawley (honorary)*
Ferne Swoboda (honorary)


On Saturday, March 22, 1997, Alpha Delta chapter celebrated its' 50th birthday. Guests and friends from numerous chapters helped to commemorate this milestone. Among those present were a charter member, two past Phi State Presidents and the current state Executive Secretary. Miss Georgia Sprague, the 1995-97 Phi State President, was the guest speaker.

In the first 50 years, approximately 162 women have been members. In 1990, a group of Alpha Delta members living in the Waterville area chose to become an expansion chapter. They were chartered as Gamma Eta chapter and remain the newest chapter in the Phi State organization. Alpha Delta has also assisted in organizing two chapters: Alpha Kappa (Hiawatha) in 1959, and Alpha Sigma (Concordia) in 1951.


These have led...

Lucile Lukens* 1947-49
Kathryn Brenton* 1949-51
Esther Vering* 1951-52
Luella Geyer* 1952-54
Mary Alice Youngquist* 1954-56
Lois McMullen Anderson* 1956-58
Helen Hill* 1958-60
Helen Ruth Wuester* 1960-62
Lucile Pralle 1962-64
Elna FitzGerald* 1964-66
Laura Geyer* 1966-68
Alice Arnott* 1968-70
Mary Lee Evans* 1970-72
Dora Jones 1972-74
Lucile Burkhead* 1974-76
Irene Larson** 1976-77
Lois Eastwood* 1977-78
Maybelle Circle 1978-80
Jill Hull 1980-82
Winifred Elmborg 1982-84
Mariana Wurtz*** 1984-86
Marian Lignitz 1986-88
Elsie Brazelton*** 1988-90
Phyllis Wagoner*** 1990-92
Nancy Manley*** 1992-94
Bernice Moser 1994-96
Kathryn Hatfield 1996-2000
Maybelle Circle 2000-04
Kathryn Hatfield 2004-2008
Linda Knott 2008-2010

**status unknown
*** Alpha Delta membership dropped


This chapter has contributed to a variety of Society projects, including: World Fellowships, Project North America, the Emergency Fund, the Gambia Project, the Educational Foundation and to the Dr. Mary Frances White Scholarship Fund. A $500 bequest from member Garnet Hill was left to the Phi State Scholarship Fund and was dedicated to Alpha Delta chapter.

Financial contributions have been made to nursing homes, to a school for retarded children, and to a fund for a disabled student. Donations have also been given to the Institute of Logopedics, and to the Rock Springs Ranch fund.

Through the years, Alpha Delta has taken part in numerous projects. An early project was the annual recognition of pioneer women teachers in the county. Other projects included "Magazines for Friendship", collecting items for overseas distribution, writing letters to former students who were serving in Viet Nam and recently the chapter collected numerous recyclable items that could be used by the local Parents as Teachers group. The chapter is currently active in the "Literacy at the Laundromat" project.

The chapter has long been active in helping prospective female teachers. In honor of member Nina Kirkwood, a $50 award was started on May 14, 1955. The amount was later raised to $100 and the Recruitment Grant was awarded in even-numbered years. The chapter continues to award one $200 Grant-in-Aid per biennium.

Several chapter members have received Scholarships from the State organization. Jennibelle Watson Master's Scholarships have been awarded to Jill Hull (1977), Sherilyn Heimann (1982), and Marcia Yadon (1984). Kathryn Brenton received a Myrtle E. Dougherty Scholarship in 1985. Lynn Kracht ...

Three Alpha Delta members have received the Phi State Achievement Award. In 1971, Garnet Hill was the recipient of the second Achievement Award presented by the State. In 1991, Maybelle Circle and Kathryn Hatfield were also recipients.

Lois McMullen Anderson and Maybelle Circle were both nominated and elected to the position of Phi State President. Lois served 1959-61 and Maybelle served 1997-99. Kathryn Hatfield will serve as State VP 2007-2009.

These women have served as state committee chairmen: Helen Ruth Wuester - Publicity - 1961, Garnet Hill - Publicity - l963, Elna Fitzgerald - Membership - 1971-73, and Linda Schomaker - World Fellowships - 1997-99. In addition, these women have served on state committees: Lucile Burkhead - Finance committee, Dora Gross - Music committee - 1997-99, and Roxanne Tilley - Research committee - 1997-99. Maybelle Circle and Kathryn Hatfield have each served as member and/or chairman of many Phi State committees.

In addition to being educators in the local area, Alpha Delta members contribute to the communities in which they live. They are leaders in church, civic and professional organizations. One lady served as Frankfort Mayor. Several have been state officers and committee chairmen for other organizations. Others have been honored in various ways. A number of members have work that has been published. Over the past 60 years, this chapter has been home to many outstanding women educators.

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