Founders of Zeta Omicron

Zeta Omicron Chapter

Zeta Omicron Chapter was organized on November 18, 1961, at a tea held in the Lubbock Women's Club. Two Alpha State officers, Dr. Eula Lee Carter and miss Phyllis Ellis, conduced the organizational meeting. They were assisted by Mrs. Bert Shawver, Alpha Kappa President and Mrs. Fae Lowry, Alpha Sigma President. There were 33 charter members.


Charter Members

Mrs. Ruth Alford*
Mrs. Marie Allen*
Mrs. Jean Rhea Bright*
Mrs. Oree Carson*
Mrs. Alva Cravy*
Mrs. Marcia Drake
Mrs. Ruth Dunn
Mrs. Myrle Ellis*
Mrs. Ola Mae Ewing
Mrs. Evelyn Gladson*
Mrs. Joanne Hayworth
Mrs. Carol Hilton
Mrs. Zenia Hobson
Mrs. Lois Howell*
Mrs. Lois Marie Keeton*
Mrs. Rose Kenly
Mrs. Joyce Kurtz
Mrs. Ahnise Lindsey*
Mrs. Ruby Lee Lindsey*
Mrs. Virginia Maples*
Mrs. Muriel Mann*
Mrs. Gene Pittman*
Mrs. Alma Faye Price
Mrs. Olive Price*
Mrs. Glenna Roberts
Mrs. Ethel Todd Rollo
Mrs. Gladys Sims*
Mrs. Gladys Snodgrass
Mrs. Margaret Stalnaker*
Mrs. Margaret Waghorn*
Mrs. Katherine Wells
  ( * ) deceased