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President's Message

"Communicate and Connect to Unite"

For many of you, school has begun, church groups have resumed, and life as a current or retired teacher returns to a somewhat normal state. For me, Fall always seems to make way for some semblance of order and comfort. Your chapters are up and running. We held our Fall Executive Board meeting in Billings on Saturday, September 14th. There were some tedious moments when motions were made, accepted, rewritten ... well, you know how it goes. These are necessary actions in order to clarify certain rules and bylaws. Thank you to all who attended.

One goal is to visit each chapter within Alpha Mu State. Here is how the visitation schedule stands up to the end of 2013. Visitations scheduled for after the first of the year will be listed at a later date.

        - October 12 - Alpha Chapter in Helena
        - November 9 - TETRA chapters ( Alpha Alpha, Tau, Gamma, and Alpha Mu ) in Billings
        - December 14 - Mu Chapter in Bozeman

Joan Micheletti
Alpha Mu State President

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