Delta Kappa Gamma

Nu Chapter, Tau State

Mankato, Minnesota

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, established May 11, 1929,
in Austin, Texas, is an international honor society
of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries.
The Nu Chapter was organized at Mankato, Minnesota,
on March 22, 1953.
The colors are red and gold, and the flower is the red rose.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
professional and personal growth
of women educators and excellence in education.





Delta Kappa Gamma
Nu Chapter

Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2016

Following our fabulous DKG fancy and delicious dining experience (we had literary themed Allen Eskens placemats!) the business meeting was called to order by President Connie Biehn at 5:45 p.m.  There were no additions to the agenda.

Minutes from the previous meeting in March had been emailed to members. They were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report had been emailed to members. It was approved. Sybil also sent a check to each of the 5 students attending an out-of-state conference. This came from the Preservice part of our budget.

President’s Report:  Connie reported the DKG State Conference held in Mankato April 15 – 17, 2016 was AWESOME.  We had many positive remarks and comments from attendees.  This was the last state conference for DKG in Minnesota.  Moving forward, there will only be conventions.  The next convention is scheduled for April 2017 and will be held in St. Cloud.  We recognized Barb Muellerlelie for her outstanding, over-the-top, wonderful job with the conference!  She was presented with a gift card in our appreciation of her effort, hard work and baking/cooking (hospitality room goodies) in making sure the conference was such a success.
Some convention specifics:  
* After receipts were tallied and bills paid, our chapter had a profit of $1000. 
* We received $747 in the Silent Auction and $181 from the scarf tree.  This money will be donated to the North Mankato Public Library for purchase of books (via Lucy Lowry, library director) the Winter Feed and Read Break.
* The XYZ group was asked to perform at the state convention in St. Cloud.

We did well, ladies!! Be proud of our chapter!!

Relating to our successful conference, a series of motions were made and passed:
1.  Motion: A refund of $50 will be refunded to anyone who could not attend at the last minute.  The $50 would come from the State DKG budget, not our chapter budget.  (Background: Barb M. received a call requesting a refund because someone could not come.  The meal fee was not reimbursed because we had to pay the hotel for that prior to the conference.)
2. Motion: Reimburse Barb M. for the cost of food and beverages she personally supplied for the hospitality room.  (Followup – Barb did not want to take anything.)
3. Motion:  Barb will receive  $200 for expenses incurred for the conference hospitality room.  This money would come from the state DKG.

Tea/Style Show
Beth Christensen provided a recap of our successful fundraiser tea/style show held April 3, 2016 at Hosanna Lutheran Church.
•    All 150 tickets were sold! Awesome!
•    We had many good comments; great outfits were modeled; we keep growing; the centerpieces made more money than in the past.  Most likely because they were all displayed on a single table to which everyone had access.  Gift cards and consumables (food) went well.

Concerns noted:
    •  too loud, could not see the speaker, felt crowded, time to change up the caterer, the ticket/”reserved” tables were a turn off

For Next Year:
•  Looking at 200 people next year
•  Booked Christ the King’s Community Room
•  April 23, 2017 is the tentative date
•  All one level, models can use the Fireside Room for changing
• Will use rectangular tables with 8 people per table
•  New caterer; Chef Tracy, will do a plate with samplings on it, $20 maximum
•  Silent Auction will have a specific set time to open the doors
•  Tickets, tickets, tickets . . .    we will need to change the current system because when folks come in and are not with a particular DKG member’s reserved table, it is a real challenge to find a place to sit when everything says “reserved” – that is a real turn off for our guests.  So, Johanna had a suggestion in which basically the ticket system goes online and each person has a place reserved at a particular table.  There will be a map at the entry detailing the table numbers. Table number will be on the attendee’s ticket.  (Think wedding receptions . . . )  Does this mean DKG members who have historically reserved table(s) can no longer do this? No.  It can still be done, except it will happen online and be managed better to avoid situations in which a guest who came with a friend can find a place to be seated. 
•  Tickets will be larger.
•  Sandi Ekstam, Dottie Munson and Lynn Klaber will make table runners that can be used every year.  They will be solid pastels that will remind guests of spring and complement the fabulous DKG individual “favors” and books that serve as the centerpiece of each table.


Planning for Next Year – members were asked to write suggestions for possible tours, topics, etc. to explore next year.  Beth Christensen collected them.
Would there be any interest in having varied meeting times?  We talked about the possibility of Saturday morning meetings, different days, times.


Watch for an email concerning planting at the Children’s Museum.  Harriet Plotz is part of a gardening group that is involved with this.

Book Drawing was held.

Next Meeting?  Watch your email! 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

We enjoyed local author Allen Esken’s presentation at 7 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Klaber
Recording Secretary


             2015-2016 Officers of the Nu Chapter

Connie Biehn

First Vice President: 
Beth Christensen

Second Vice President:
Lynn Callahan

Recording Secretary:
Lynn Klaber

Corresponding Secretary: 
Donna Mertesdorf

Sybil Solting

Virjean Griensewic

Immediate Past President:

Barb Muellerleile

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Virjean Griensewic