Delta Kappa Gamma

Nu Chapter, Tau State

Mankato, Minnesota

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, established May 11, 1929,
in Austin, Texas, is an international honor society
of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries.
The Nu Chapter was organized at Mankato, Minnesota,
on March 22, 1953.
The colors are red and gold, and the flower is the red rose.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
professional and personal growth
of women educators and excellence in education.

Future Meetings for 2015-16

Oct. 6, 2015        A Tale of a Teacher by Roger Stoufer
            5 p.m. supper at Crossview Covenant Church
            5:30 meeting
            6 p.m. Talk and book signing by Roger Stoufer

Nov. 17, 2015    Tour of MSUM Theatre, 5 p.m.
            Drive to Jake’s Pizza, 330 Stadium Road
            Supper 6-6:30, followed by meeting in the party room

December, 2015    Sometime during the first week, not Thursday, we will meet

North Mankato Community Read in February/March

March 29, 2016    Annual Potluck Supper
            5:30 p.m. Crossview Covenant Church
            No formal program. Last minute planning for our fashion show
            Fundraiser and DKG State Conference

April 3, 2016    Fashion Show Fundraiser, Hosanna Lutheran Church

April 15-17        DKG State Conference, City Center Hotel, Mankato

May 3, 2016        DKG and North Mankato Taylor Library Author Presentation
            5 p.m. DKG Meeting
            5:45 supper with Lucy Lowry and author Allen Eskens
            (author of The Life We Bury)
            7 pm. Allen Eskens presentation, open to the public


Delta Kappa Gamma—Nu Chapter
Sept. 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes

            Twenty members of DKG met at 5:00 p.m. at the new Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, for a tour of the wonderful facility. The group then moved to the police annex of North Mankato.

            We started the meeting with a book drawing, followed by our meal and meeting. At 6:40 the meeting was called to order by new president Connie Biehn. There were no additions to the agenda. Connie thanked everyone for their help in setting up this meeting and future meetings. She attended several planning meetings for the state conference coming up in April. Susan Moore reported on the state of our treasury. We still have two accounts: checking and a money market, used for grant-in-aid, which can be awarded to pre-service education majors. Our balance currently in checking is $3175.19 and we have $4644.88 in scholarship money for our own members.

Beth Christensen has worked on our meetings for this year. These meetings will be posted on our website.  <>

            Creekside Boutique will again be raising money for the backpack food program, Sept. 19 to Oct. 3. Beth reported DKG will be receiving books from several different sources.

            Barb Muellerleile reported on plans for the state conference. We have a keynote speaker lined up, entertainment is booked, etc. Beth moved to take the income from two meetings’ meals, as we did last year, and donate it to the Feed and Read. Grace Keir seconded; motion passed.

            We discussed the possibility of using some scholarship money for the state conference, April 15-17. This will be discussed again later.

            Old business: budget approval for 2015-16: Susan Moore proposed a deficit budget.  Susan moved to propose an income of $5810 and expenses of $7516. Grace seconded; passed.

            Susan Moore explained and moved suspension of the Sept. 1 deadline for accepting new member applications. Bonnie Shult seconded; passed.

            The next meeting is Oct. 6 at Crossview Covenant Church, 5 p.m.

            The meeting was adjourned at 7:30. Minutes submitted by Virjean Griensewic.


             2015-2016 Officers of the Nu Chapter

Connie Biehn

First Vice President: 
Beth Christensen

Second Vice President:
Lynn Callahan

Recording Secretary:
Lynn Klaber

Corresponding Secretary: 
Donna Mertesdorf

Sybil Solting

Virjean Griensewic

Immediate Past President:

Barb Muellerleile

Website Updated  Sept. 28, 2015
Virjean Griensewic