Delta Kappa Gamma

Nu Chapter, Tau State

Mankato, Minnesota

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, established May 11, 1929,
in Austin, Texas, is an international honor society
of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries.
The Nu Chapter was organized at Mankato, Minnesota,
on March 22, 1953.
The colors are red and gold, and the flower is the red rose.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
professional and personal growth
of women educators and excellence in education.

Minutes of Our May Meeting:
Thursday, May 15, 2014

DKG Minutes: May 15, 2014
The meeting was convened at 5:00 by President Barb Muellerleile.
Members were reminded a large crowd was expected for author William Kent Krueger and our meeting needed to adjourn by 5:30 to keep on schedule.
The secretary’s minutes of the March meeting, which had been emailed to members,was approved. 
Sue Moore gave the treasurer’s report. Bills for our Spring Fashion Show Fundraiser are not all in; Sue hopes for a full reporting of our ticket profit soon. The treasurer’s report was approved.
Barb gave the President’s Report:
• Barb reminded us our chapter is helping host the DKG State Convention in 2016. We will be learning more of our chapter’s obligations in 2014-15.
• Barb attended several seminars at the convention that re-enforced the good work and directions of our chapter.
• Barb reminded our members who are working on an advanced degrees of the scholarship funds available from the state  DKG.
Beth Christensen reported on the Spring Fashion Show Fundraiser:
• A committee met after the event to review what worked this year, and what improvements could help the 2015 event.
• A date, and our same venue, has been booked for the 2015 event: Sunday, April 12, one week, after Easter.
• Silent auction items, themed centerpieces and direct donations to the Backpack Food Program totaled $2,500. Those funds have been given to the Backpack Food Program Director, Melinda Wedzina,.
• Profits from tickets, which are yet to be determined, will be used to help fund the Books for Winter Break project.
Beth also passed out cards for members to suggest programs for our 2014-15  DKG meetings.
State DKG President Kathy Patton spoke to the group about three important DKG events our chapter members may want to attend this summer:
• Tau State Summer retreat: June 24-25
• August  20 officer workshop
• DKG 2014 International Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana,  July 28-August 1
The meeting was adjourned at 5:25.
Beth Christensen, acting secretary for this meeting
Not part of the formal minutes, but of interest
Author Partnership with Taylor North Mankato Library
•  William Kent Krueger and his wife joined us for supper.
• Krueger’s 7:00 talk and book signing was open to the public.
 • Record number of people, at least 110, attended his talk.
• People sat in chairs . . . until we ran out of them, then sat on the floor, leaned against walls, and were spellbound by Krueger’s program.
New update from Sue Moore on the Spring Fashion Show profit:
 • “We did much better on the meeting food and supplies.
•  We took in $902 and expended $677.94 for food and supplies and $100 for speaker/room rent, leaving us ahead $124.06.
•  We have a surplus of $458.29 from the fundraiser, which can be donated next Christmas to the books put into the food baskets.”
This will be part of the formal minutes of our next meeting is the fall,
 but we thought you might want to know now how we did on our ticket sales profit.
Beth is working on our 2014-2015 programs.
If you did not have a chance to submit suggestions or comments, please email her.
Have a wonderful summer and thank you!


             Officers of the Nu Chapter

Barb Muellerleile

First Vice President: 
Beth Christensen

Second Vice President:
Shirley Ruby

Recording Secretary:
Sue Mucha

Corresponding Secretary: 
Donna Mertesdorf

Sue Moore
Virjean Griensewic

Immediate Past President:
Sandi Ekstam

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Virjean Griensewic