Delta Kappa Gamma

Nu Chapter, Tau State

Mankato, Minnesota

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, established May 11, 1929,
in Austin, Texas, is an international honor society
of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries.
The Nu Chapter was organized at Mankato, Minnesota,
on March 22, 1953.
The colors are red and gold, and the flower is the red rose.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
professional and personal growth
of women educators and excellence in education.




Delta Kappa Gamma
Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2017

Prior to the meeting, we heard the history, teaching philosophy and current practices of Bridges Community School and then had a tour of the school.  Robin Courrier, lead teacher of Bridges, provided the information and was our tour guide.  Kinney Eberhart and Sandi Ekstam were two of the first teachers at Bridges.  Kinney provided additional information about the lifelong guidelines taught at Bridges, as well as more information on the beginnings of Bridges . . .  which began two years before the school opened its doors.  Some of our DKG members were teachers in the building (formerly Garfield) when it was a junior high school.

Vice President, Beth Christensen, called the meeting to order at 6:25 PM.

President’s Report:  None

Minutes of the April 11, 2017 were approved.  Motion and second by Johnna Horton/Virjean Griensewic.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sybil Solting provided a spreadsheet on expenses/income of the fashion show and luncheon.  122 of 150 tickets were sold.  The profit totaled $172.16.  (Ticket income less actual expenses for the luncheon).  We did well on the silent auction.  $749 was raised for the Back Pack Food program and $2,496 went to Read and Feed. 

The Treasurer’s Report was approved.  Motion and second by Johnna Horton/Heather Von Bank.

OLD BUSINESS -  Fashion Show/Luncheon Wrap Up (Beth  Christensen)

Thank you to Sue and Denny Moore who, as members of Christ the King, were able to obtain the room.  They also stayed until the last dishes were washed and put away and the room was back in order.  It was a great venue!  Lots of room, relaxed atmosphere.  
Venue:  superb!
Food:  Great!  Although, for $20, some members thought we should have had more on our plate.  Perhaps we increase ticket fee and have more food next time? Food for thought . . .  no pun intended!  Many people loved the fruit infused water!
Silent Auction:  What sold well?  Consumables!!  Baked goods, lotions, dishtowels
Theme Baskets:  Suggestion to downsize the baskets and only put a few things in it.  Harriet Plotz will share some ideas with us next fall.
Registration:  Process went well, we will have some fine tuning next year.  It is important to let Johnna know early on how many are in your group so that tables can be assigned better.  We will limit number of people at each table to 8.  Put your leaf (name) on the table at the place you will be sitting.  This will eliminate confusion.
Time of event:  It was suggested times be printed on the ticket and advertisements to indicate the time doors open, program and luncheon begin and event is over.
Fashion Show:  went faster, less crowded, everyone had a good opportunity to see the clothing and the models had a chance to eat!
Use of the table Runners:  Next year runners should go the silent auction tables.  On the “eating tables” colored napkins can be placed down the center.

Other thoughts?  A suggestion was made to expand the number of folks who are working on the style show/luncheon.  Perhaps we can commit to work on a particular committee (food, donations, table favors, silent auction, tickets, advertisement, etc.) in the fall of the year.  This would help share the jobs to be done – we don’t want to burn out our members who are devoting so many hours to make our fundraiser the success it has been.  We can all help!

NEXT YEAR’S DATE --- Save the Date for April 8, 2018!!  Back at Christ the King.

Heather Von Bank is now the department chair of Family Consumer Science at Mankato State.  As part of her work this year, she had the opportunity to accompany 3 students to a national conference.  The students presented a poster on the STEAM research project they conducted at the Southern Minnesota Childrens’ Museum. 
The students each received $300 from the undergraduate research center to help cover their expenses.  Heather provided information on expenses the students  incurred and asked if DKG would be able to provide a scholarship to the students to help defray the costs.  Discussion followed. We currently have $621 in the grant-in-aid account, so money is available.
Motion made by Johanna Horton and seconded by Grace Kier: DKG will provide each of the three students $125 to pay for registration of the conference.  Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting approved. Alice DiMaggio/Kim Demarce

Next meeting:  October 2017

Happy summer!!!

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Klaber
Recording Secretary


Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting Minutes April 11, 2017

Vice President, Beth Christensen, called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM.
Minutes of the April 11, 2017 were approved. Motion and second by Virjean Griensewic/Kat Parish
Treasurer’s Report: Sybil Solting reported all checks have cleared and there are no outstanding checks. Report was approved. Motion and second by Johnna Horton/Kinney Eberhart
Account 5312
Checking balance February 27, 2017
Income: Tickets for Tea/Fashion Show 3/28/17 Tickets for Tea/Fashion Show 4/11/17
Expenses: DKG MN Tau (seed money)
1260.00 660.00
Delta Kappa Gamma, Nu Chapter Treasurer’s Report
April 9, 2017
Ending balance April 11,2017: $6721.91 TOTAL IN CHECKING President’s Report: None
Nominations: The slate of officers for 2017-2019 was approved. Motion and second by Virjean Griensewic/Beth Christensen
President: Connie Biehn
1st Vice President: Beth Christensen
2nd Vice President: Ione Barron
Recording Secretary: Lynn Klaber Correspondence Secretary: Donna Mertesdorf Treasurer: Bonnie Shult
Parliamentarian: Virjean Griensewic
Old Business: The Fashion Show Luncheon is soon upon us!!
• 119 tickets are sold so far. Maximum is 150. Remaining tickets will be at Creekside Boutique.
• Beth shared the menu with us. Chef Tracy at Hilltop HyVee has some amazing goodies for us.
• Email contents of your basket to Beth.
• Table Setting – Lynn Klaber and Sandi Ekstam are in charge. Be there at 11:30 to help set up. Doors open at 12:30. Starts at 1:00.
• Profits of Fashion Show will go to the BackPack Food Program and the North Mankato Library. The library purchases the books we distribute.
• Dean Otto made a Little Library for us to auction. Lynn Callahan is painting it. It will be amazing!
Motion made and approved to adjourn the meeting. Charlotte Pugh/Mary Otto
Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 3 at Bridges School @ 5 PM. Robin Courrier will talk to us about the history of Bridges Community School and what is happening there now.
Respectfully Submitted,
Lynn Klaber Recording Secretary

Officers for 2017-2019

President:   Connie Biehn
1st Vice President:  Beth Christensen
2nd Vice President:  Ione Barron
Recording Secretary:  Lynn Klaber
Correspondence Secretary:  Donna Mertesdorf
Treasurer:   Bonnie Shult
Parliamentarian:  Virjean Griensewic

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Virjean Griensewic