Delta Kappa Gamma

Nu Chapter, Tau State

Mankato, Minnesota

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, established May 11, 1929,
in Austin, Texas, is an international honor society
of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries.
The Nu Chapter was organized at Mankato, Minnesota,
on March 22, 1953.
The colors are red and gold, and the flower is the red rose.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes
professional and personal growth
of women educators and excellence in education.





Delta Kappa Gamma
Nu Chapter
Meeting Minutes of October 10, 2016

President Connie Biehn called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM.  The meeting was held at the North Mankato Police Annex Building in North Mankato, MN.

Minutes from the last meeting (9/20/16) were approved.

New Member Initiation – Kinney Eberhart was initiated. Welcome to Delta Kappa Gamma, Kinney!

Sybil Solting presented the Treasurer Report.
We have $7,984.39 in our checking account. 
Account 4313 (for pre-service students) has a balance of $621.10.
Account 4313 Scholarship/Grant in Aid (for DKG NU members only) has $3673.46.

* Please sign up for DKG member pins, if interested. Pins are $15.50 plus tax, shipping and handling. *

President’s Report
• The NW Regional Conference will be held June 28-July 1 in Spearfish SD.  Our state president, Sally, would like our help. 
• We were congratulated for having our state website recertified. Congrats to our webmaster, Angie Kalthoff!

New Business
We have $3,339 in our account for Backpack Feed and Read, which means 1,000 children will be getting books in December.  Awesome!
Is there any interest in having varied meeting times?  We will try to have a Saturday morning meeting and see how that goes.

Old Business
Connie received an email from the state president requesting data (how many attended overall conference, breakout sessions, etc.) from our conference in April.  Thankfully, Virjean still had some of that info.  We thought it was a little late to be asking for that kind of data, but Virjean had it! We were also requested to return money from the conference to state DKG.  We are confused by this request.  We can understand asking for the seed money back, but anything beyond that should be our profit.  And we have already dispersed to the profit to Read and Feed, etc.  Connie will ask for clarification.

Katie Johnson will be teaching a class (via the North Mankato Library) December 1st.   Folks will make a kissing ball. Cost is $35.  Sign up at the library.

Next meeting:
Saturday, November 5 at the Emmy Frentz Building.
Time: 10:00
Topic: Mankato Symphony Orchestra.  We will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the November 13th performance at a discount.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM.

A presentation from the owner of the CuriosiTea House followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Klaber, Recording Secretary


Delta Kappa Gamma
Nu Chapter
Meeting Minutes of November 5, 2016

President Connie Biehn called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM.  The meeting was held at the Emmy Frentz Art Guild in Mankato, MN.

Minutes from the last meeting (10/10/16) were approved.

Treasury Report (Sybil Solting)
All dues have been paid.
Account 5312 Checking Account:                                         Balance of  $5972.20
Account 4313 Grant in Aid (for pre-service students)    Balance of   $ 621.23
Account 4313 Scholarship (for DKG NU members)        Balance of  $3674.36   

The amount we earned from hosting the conference last spring: $1683.00.

We had a short discussion on how we determine the amount in the Grant in Aid account of our chapter.  We are one of a handful of chapters in the state who actually have a dedicated Grant in Aid account.  That means we do not “pay back” to the state chapter for this purpose.  We also talked about other possibilities for food at our meetings (cater, assign,  etc.).  In the end we decided to keep it as is.  With the exception of the first meeting in September – see following motion.

The treasurer report was approved.

Motion made: (Virjean G./Lynn C)  Food for our September 2017 meeting will be free; no fee for the food.  Motion passed.

Membership Report (Sybil Solting)
We are a smaller group this year.  5 people have dropped membership due to expense or moving.  We currently have 37 full time members and all dues have been paid.  We have one reserve member; Carolyn Shrewsbury. 
Sybil reported she recently visited Ruth Nuessle, a member.  Ruth has moved to a facility where she can receive more care.  Donna Mertesdorf  passed a card around for people to sign and add a note of encouragement.  Ruth taught 2nd grade at Jefferson before she retired.

Old Business
Sybil reported our chapter returned the $200 seed money to the state chapter.

New Business
Beth Christensen talked about Read and Feed.  This year we will be providing books for 876 children (grades K – 5) in Blue Earth County.  

Motion made: (Beth C. /Lynn K.)  Give  $1000 to Lucy Lowry for the purchase of books for Read and Feed.  Motion passed.

Dates to remember:  Set up on Monday, December 19 and book distribution will be the 20th and 21st.  Watch for emails from Beth regarding sign up schedule!

DKG Fun in December . . .     sign up at the North Mankato Library to make a Kissing Ball for the holidays!  $35 . . . .  sign up quickly; the class fills quickly.  Class will be at the Annex.  Staff from Drummers will be guiding us in our marvelous creations!

Style Show News .>>>>  Mary Otto’s husband will make a “Little Lending Library” for us to auction at our fashion show silent auction!

Our next meeting will be in late February/early March.

Motion to adjourn passed. Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Following the meeting we had a fabulous presentation by Sara Buechmann and Charlie Leftridge from the Mankato Symphony Orchestra (MSO).  We have every reason to be proud of the work the MSO does in our community.  A huge piece of their work is educating children and adults about the wonders of music. They are looking forward to moving into the new auditorium and presenting their first concert November 13, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Klaber, Recording Secretary

             2016-2017 Officers of the Nu Chapter

Connie Biehn

First Vice President: 
Beth Christensen

Second Vice President:
Lynn Callahan

Recording Secretary:
Lynn Klaber

Corresponding Secretary: 
Donna Mertesdorf

Sybil Solting

Virjean Griensewic

Immediate Past President:

Barb Muellerleile

Website Updated  November 5, 2016
Virjean Griensewic