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The History of Gamma Theta

On April 24, 2000 Alpha Iota State and the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International welcomed the Gamma Theta Chapter who held their first initiation at the Van Buren Intermediate School District Conference Center in Lawrence, Michigan.  We are proud to be the newest members of Alpha Iota State.

Marilyn Mitchell, who had been active in the The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International for many years, believed a new chapter would serve the needs of women educators in Van Buren County, Michigan.  Working with colleagues from around the county, she began the process of chartering a new chapter in early 2000.  Potential new members were contacted and responded with enthusiasm!  Marilyn served as Gamma Theta's first president provided guidance for our growth as a dynamic chapter.

As the new chapter began to take shape, women educators from the surrounding area who have worked on joint projects with Van Buren County were also invited to join Gamma Theta.  By April 24, 2000, the Gamma Theta Chapter had 20 members.  Now in our fourth biennium, Gamma Theta's membership continues to grow, with members making their mark at the local and state levels.

Chapter Presidents:    Marilyn Mitchell (2000-2002)*
                                     Sheree Adams (2002-2004)
                                     Marianne Menck (2004-2006)
                                     Sue Kruizenga (2006-2008)
                                     Pat Poggi (2008-2010)
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