"Making a Positive Impact:
It is Our Alabama State Journey"

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A Message from Donna Butler
2017-2019 Alabama State Organization President

Dear Alabama State Sisters,

Wow, Alabama State Sisters! Simply Wow! If I can use Wow as a verb, all of you Wowed “ ‘em” at our Alabama State Convention! The last thing International President, Cathy Daugherty, said to me was that “this Convention was of the caliber of an International Convention!” So, Wow, Alabama State Sisters for a superb Convention. And you might ask, “Well, what did I do that was so “WOW”? I simply attended!” ALL of you wowed our guests with your kindness, friendliness, helpfulness, etc. throughout the Convention!  I heard this comment from International President, Cathy Daugherty, Edna Thayer (Laughter Lady), Sylvie Bastien-Doss (our dynamic Luncheon speaker), and from Liz Huntley (our new honorary member and amazing banquet speaker). What  ALL of you did, Alabama State Sisters, was simply epitomize the number one purpose of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International : To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship. And as I said at the Convention, we do that very well in Alabama DKG.

While I was the “face” of the Convention, all of you were the “body”. And what a magnificent “body” you all were! There are so many of you to thank for so many things. It will take me a while to get all my thank notes written because work of your caliber deserves more than just a text or email! Just to name a few things: the workshops were terrific and well attended; the vendors tempted us with all kinds of items we simply had to buy; the music and the Inspirational Thoughts throughout the Convention were awe inspiring;  and all our speakers were just top-notch!  What talent and what a strong work ethic we have in Alabama State! No matter what part you had in the Convention (and simply attending is the most important part), I want you to know how much I appreciated everything you did to make our Convention a success!  I sincerely hope that all of you who attended and participated, will share your experiences with those in your chapter who did not attend.  
As a result of Convention, Alabama State will certainly be in good hands in the 2019-2021 biennium! Please give your full support to incoming President Teresa Noell as well as to First Vice President, Penny Christian; Second Vice President, Ann Jones;  Recording Secretary, Marion Hodges; and Corresponding Secretary, Dianne Huey. And when Teresa calls you and asks you to serve on a State Committee, please tell her “yes!” No matter how you serve Alabama State, you will find it to be a rewarding and enriching experience!

I have about a dozen more chapter visits to make in March and April as I finish out my biennium which will end on June 30. Until then, Teresa and I will begin planning for her biennium and also make plans for the International Conference (formerly SE Regional Conference) that will be held in Asheville, NC June 27-29. Please check the International website for information on this Conference. You can already register for this Conference and also make your hotel reservations.

Please know how much ALL of you mean to me!  It has been and continues to be my pleasure to serve as your Alabama State President for 2017-2019. Many thanks for making such a positive impact on OUR Alabama State Journey!

Sister to Sister with love,
Donna B.

“Making a Positive Impact: It is Our Alabama State Journey.”    

Congratulations to the Incoming Officers for the 2019-2021 Biennium!

Right to Left -
President, Teresa Noell;
First Vice President, Penny Christian;
Second Vice President, Ann Jones;
Recording Secretary, Marion Hodges;
Corresponding Secretary, Dianne Huey


Alabama State Bylaws and Policies, updated February 23, 2019

Incoming State Officer/State Committee Chairman/District Director Training will be held during the morning of June 4, 2019, also at the Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL. This training will take place before the Leadership Seminar begins in the afternoon. If you are currently serving as an Elected Alabama State Officer, State Committee Chairman, or District Director, please make plans to attend  the morning of June 4, so you can train the incoming Elected Officers, State Committee Chairmen, and District Directors. First Vice President (Alabama State President for 2019-2021)

Register and reserve a room for the 2019 International Conference, June 27-29, 2019, in Asheville, North Carolina or for any other International Conference of your choice. The emphasis for the one in North Carolina is on the Arts and Humanities. The 2018-2019 World Fellowship brochure is now available if you would like to select a new chapter or individual pen pal for this year.

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Updated on May 24, 2019