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Executive Committee, 2017-2019

Donna Butler
Rho (II)
First Vice-President
Teresa Noell
Gamma Zeta (II)
Second Vice-President
Penny Christian
Gamma Phi (IV)
Recording Secretary
Marion Hodges
Rho (II)
Corresponding Secretary
Dianne Huey
Gamma Phi (IV)


Related Personnel

Joann Skinner
Gamma Zeta (II)
Immediate Past President
Nancy Karrick
Gamma Omega (VI)
Executive Secretary
Elizabeth Watson
Mu (I)
Martha Knight
Delta Beta (II)
State Editor
Patsy Gaines Powell
Alpha Kappa (VII)
Madeline Buchanan
Beta Lambda (III)


District Directors

District I
Patsy Poole
District II
Ann Jones
Delta Beta
District III
Kerry Montgomery
Beta Pi
District IV
Darlene Freemon
District V
Angela Manning
Alpha Omega
District VI
Pat Hall
Beta Alpha
District VII
Anne Lee
Alpha Zeta


Committee Chairmen

Personnel Jody Stewart Beta Lambda (III) jodywstewart@gmail.com
Nominations Susanne Markel Delta Alpha (VII) kissaflutist@yahoo.com
Leadership Development Penny Christian Gamma Phi (IV) pchristian@halek12.org
Educational Excellence Teresa Noell Gamma Zeta (II) teresanoell@cableone.net
Communications/Marketing Usha Midkiff Beta (IV) usha.midkiff@gmail.com
Exhibits and Records Rannette Dean Alpha Tau (I) alphatau1953@gmail.com
Achievement Award Dawn Pettit Delta (VI) dpettit3@yahoo.com
Membership/Expansion Susan Copeland Beta Omicron (II) sukecope@aol.com
Rules/By-Laws/Policies Elaine Brookshire Rho (II) ebrookshire@scottsboro.org
Finance Faye Cotten Beta Xi (VI) fcotten@hotmail.com
Scholarship/World Fellowship Allison Hill Beta Delta (III) bhill@blountboe.net
Fall Board Bonnie Shanks Alpha (V) bonnieshanks@hotmail.com
2019 Beta State Convention Mary Beth Henry
Linda Parks
Mu (I)
Mu (I)

Chapter presidents' emails are on the Chapter Presidents' page.

Updated on January 20, 2019